The Ultimate Guide to Baby Travel Essentials

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Introduction to Baby Travel Essentials

Hello there, fellow adventurers in parenthood! We know how daunting it can feel when you face the Everest of baby stuff needed for a trip with your little explorer. But worry not! We’re here to help you tame that mountain, with a guide so ultimate it’ll make Indiana Jones look like an amateur. Buckle up and let’s take a joyride into the realm of baby travel essentials!

Why You Need This Guide

I’ve been there too, sifting through countless lists and second-guessing every choice. But, trust me, once you have the essentials nailed down, everything else becomes so much easier. This guide will be your companion, detailing everything you need to keep your baby comfortable and happy, as well as some luxury and comfort-enhancing items to elevate your travel experience.

Understanding Your Baby’s Needs

Before we jump into our comprehensive checklist, let’s understand what our babies need during travel. Picture this, you’re packing for a vacation. How do you decide what to bring? You consider your comfort, health and safety, feeding, and changing needs, right? Now apply that to your little ones.

Essential Baby Travel Items: The Lifeblood of Your Expedition

Let’s kick things off with the absolute must-haves. These are the non-negotiables, the items you wouldn’t dare to leave your house without.

Comfort Essentials: The Disneyland of Baby Comfort

For comfort, think about what helps your baby sleep or stay calm. This could be their favorite blanket or stuffed animal, a pacifier, or some soft, comforting music. Remember, a comfortable baby equals a stress-free journey.

Baby Blanket: A familiar blanket can provide your baby with comfort during an unfamiliar journey. Brands like Aden + Anais offer blankets that are soft, cozy, and lightweight, perfect for travel.

Pacifier: A pacifier can help soothe and calm your baby during travel, especially during take-offs and landings in airplanes. Philips Avent is one brand that many parents trust for its quality and design.

Baby Clothes: Depending on the length of your journey and the climate of your destination, having 2-3 changes of clothes per day can keep your baby comfortable. Brands like Carter’s offer a wide range of baby clothes that are both cute and comfortable.

Entertainment: To keep your baby entertained during long journeys, consider portable toys, books, and apps. These are like Mary Poppins’ bag – endless sources of fun and entertainment. Choose lightweight and travel-friendly toys from brands like Fisher-Price, and soft, baby-safe books from Jellycat. You could even try a tablet with educational games and videos.  We love Ms. Rachel on YouTube.

Safety Essentials: The Fort Knox of Baby Safety

When it comes to health and safety, consider items like a car seat for road trips, a baby carrier for on-the-go mobility, and a baby monitor. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes in unfamiliar places!

Baby Car Seat: When traveling by car, a baby car seat is a legal requirement in many countries. Not only does it ensure your baby’s safety, but it also gives them a comfortable space of their own during the journey. Brands like Chicco offer car seats that are not only safe but also comfortable for your baby.

Baby Carrier: A baby carrier allows you to have your hands free while keeping your baby close. This is particularly useful in busy airports or crowded tourist spots. Ergobaby is a popular brand known for its ergonomic design, ensuring comfort for both you and your baby.

Health and Hygiene Essentials: The Superheroes of Baby Health

You know what they say – it’s better to be safe than sorry. And when it comes to babies, this saying couldn’t be truer.

First Aid Kit: This is crucial for managing minor health issues that may arise during the journey. A kit like the Keep Going Travel First Aid Kit for Kids includes safe-to-use medical essentials for babies. They also have a Large Home First Aid Kit if you’re looking for something with more supplies.
*Note:  If you plan to bring any first aid kit as a carry-on, be sure to remove any restricted items

Baby Health Items: Moreover, nasal aspirators, thermometers, baby-friendly sunscreen, and hand sanitizer are essentials as well. Brands like FridaBaby have got your back with their Mobile Medicine Cabinet Travel Kit – they’re like the Avengers of baby health, always ready to combat danger.

Baby LotionUse a lotion, specially designed for babies that is dermatologist-tested and ensures gentle and soothing hydration, making it ideal for sensitive skin. We believe in the power of nature, which is why we love The Honest Company Hydrating Face + Body Lotions crafted with naturally-derived ingredients, providing the best care without harsh chemicals. The company is known for its strong commitment to cruelty-free practices when making its products.

Baby Body Wash/Shampoo: Using a Body Wash/Shampoo product can save you some space while traveling, not to mention cost-effectiveness. We love The Honest Company 2-in-1 Cleansing Shampoo + Body Wash, Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, safe for even the most sensitive skin — perfect for the whole family!

Baby Grooming: Cutting a baby’s nail is not an easy task. Most nail clippers on the market are not ideal for a wiggly baby. I remembered the day my husband accidentally cut our baby girl’s skin cutting her nails, literally scarred him for life! We were so excited when we found Baby Nail Clippers 20-in-1 by Royal Angels Baby, a safe electric baby nail trimmer. No matter how much your baby moves, you will never be able to hurt them with this amazing product!

Cleaning Wipes: Boogie Wipes® Saline Nose Wipes are a must-have, designed specifically to soothe tender noses and help with congestion, colds, or allergies. Made with natural saline, aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E, they are gentle yet effective. Another essential is the Boogie® Antibacterial Hand Wipes. These wipes are perfect for on-the-go situations, ensuring your baby’s hands remain germ-free. Infused with aloe, they not only clean but also moisturize, making them suitable for kids of all ages.

Baby Medications: They’re like your magic potions in the fight against sudden sickness. Don’t forget to pack Infant Pain & Fever Relievers, Gas Relief, and any specific medications your baby might need.

Feeding Essentials: The Rolls Royce of Baby Feeding

Feeding can be tricky while traveling. Don’t forget a sippy cup or bottles, bibs, and baby-friendly utensils.

Formula/Baby Food: To ensure your baby stays well-fed during the journey, pack enough formula or baby food, plus a little extra for unexpected delays. Brands like Enfamil and Gerber offer baby food that’s nutritious and easy to prepare.

Sippy Cups/Bottles: These are essential for feeding your baby during the journey. You can opt for brands like Dr. Brown’s or Munchkin that offer sippy cups/bottles designed to reduce gas and colic.

Portable High Chair: A portable high chair can make feeding your baby easier while traveling, especially in places without baby facilities. The ciao! baby Portable High Chair is easy to fold and carry, making it a popular choice among parents.

For Breastfeeding/Pumping

For those who are breastfeeding and/or using a breast pump, consider packing the following baby travel essentials:

Changing Essentials: The Magic Wand of Infant Cleanliness

And last but not least, changing essentials. No one wants to face a diaper disaster unprepared. Pack enough diapers, a travel-sized pack of wipes, a changing pad, and a few changes of clothes just in case.

Diapers: A clear essential for any baby travel. Pack enough for the journey, and consider your baby’s routine. Brands like Huggies and Pampers offer comfortable, high-absorbency diapers.

Baby Wipes: These are crucial for quick clean-ups and changes. Brands like WaterWipes and Pampers offer baby wipes that are gentle on your baby’s skin.

Baby Swim Diapers: If you’re planning for a beach vacation or a hotel with a pool, swim diapers are a must-have. Huggies Little Swimmers are designed not to swell in water, making them ideal for swim time.

Baby Backpack/Diaper Bag: A backpack or diaper bag is essential for carrying all your baby’s necessities. Brands like Bag Nation, BabbleRoo, Skip Hop offer bags with multiple compartments to keep your items organized. We currently use and love the Birch Bag from a family owned company named Parker Baby Co.

Extra Essentials: The Jack-of-All-Trades for Baby Travel

Okay, so we’ve got the basics and the travel gear. But wait! We’re not finished yet. You know the old saying, ‘better safe than sorry?’ It was probably invented by a parent. Consider giving these extras a second look. Even though you may not think you need them, they could certainly make things easier for you and your baby when navigating unfamiliar territory.

Travel Documentation: If venturing overseas, always carry your baby’s passport or birth certificate along with their travel insurance card. It’s always better to be prepared, especially if your little one catches a cold.

Travel Crib: A travel crib gives your baby a safe, familiar place to sleep while away from home. Brands like Guava with their Lotus Travel Crib and BabyBjorn with their Travel Crib Light are known for their portable and easy-to-assemble travel cribs.

Baby Monitor: If you’re staying in a large hotel suite or a multi-room vacation rental, a baby monitor can help you keep an eye (or ear) on your baby from a distance. Brands like Infant Optics and Nanit offer monitors with clear video and audio.

Sun Hat & Sunscreen: Protect your baby from harmful UV rays during outdoor adventures. i play. by green sprouts offer sun hats designed specifically for babies, and Blue Lizard’s sunscreen is recommended by dermatologists for its mineral-based, baby-safe formula.

Baby-safe Insect Repellent: For those planning outdoor trips, a baby-safe insect repellent is essential. Babyganics offers a DEET-free, natural insect repellent safe for babies.

Travel Stroller: A travel-friendly stroller can make moving around airports, city streets, or parks much easier. UPPAbaby and Bugaboo are popular for their compact, foldable strollers.

The Baby Travel Essentials Checklist

Now that we’ve looked at the different types of needs, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty: our ultimate baby travel essentials checklist.

List of Essentials

Item Description Popular Brand
Baby Car Seat Ensures safety during road travels Chicco
Baby Carrier Allows mobility while keeping the baby close Ergobaby
First Aid Kit & Medication For any minor health issues that may arise Keep Going, Zarbee’s, Genexa, Frida Baby
Baby Blanket Comfort item for sleep and overall baby relaxation Aden + Anais
Pacifier Helps soothe and calm the baby Philips Avent
Teething Toys Helps soothe & calm your baby Nuby
Formula/Baby Food To keep your baby fed during the journey Bobbie Organic, Up & Up, Enfamil, Member’s Mark, Parent’s Choice, Similac, Gerber, Kirkland Signature
Sippy Cups/Bottles For feeding and hydrating the baby Dr. Brown’s, Munchkin
Diapers A must for hygiene and comfort Huggies, Pampers
Baby Wipes For quick clean-ups and changes WaterWipes, Pampers, Boogie Wipes, Boogie Hand Wipes
Wash/Shampoo/Lotion For keeping your baby clean and silky smooth Babyganics, The Honest Company
Grooming Kit To keep your baby looking on point Frida Baby, Lupantte
Portable High Chair Useful for feeding baby in places without baby facilities ciao! Baby, Baby Jogger, Inglesina, Chicco
Travel Crib Provides a safe, familiar place for baby to sleep Lotus, Baby Bjorn, Graco
Travel Stroller For easier mobility in airports, parks, city streets UPPAbaby, Bugaboo
Baby Monitor Helps keep an eye (or ear) on baby from a distance Infant Optics, Nanit
Sun Hat & Sunscreen Protects baby from harmful UV rays i play. by green sprouts (hat), Blue Lizard (sunscreen)
Baby Clothes Pack enough for 2-3 changes per day Carter’s, OshKosh
Toys & Books Keep the baby entertained during the journey Fisher-Price, Jellycat (soft books)
Baby Backpack/Diaper Bag For carrying baby essentials Bag Nation, BabbleRoo, Parker Baby Co., Skip Hop
Baby Swim Diapers If you’re planning for beach or pool Huggies Little Swimmers
Baby-safe Insect Repellent For outdoor trips Babyganics


This comprehensive list covers most of the essential items needed for baby travel, but remember, every baby is unique, and you might need to customize the list based on your baby’s preferences and needs.

Luxury and Comfort-Enhancing Items: Your Cherry on Top

If you have room for a few more items and want to make your journey even more comfortable, consider some luxury items. Just like the essential items, knowing why and how to use these luxury items can upgrade your travel experience dramatically. For instance, a portable baby bed can provide a familiar and cozy sleeping environment for your baby, mimicking the comfort of home even while on the road.

Sleeping & Relaxation Aids: The Swiss Army Knife of Baby Sleep

White Noise Machine: Babies often sleep better with a little white noise and a portable machine like the Marpac Rohm+ or the Hatch Rest Go can be a real sleep-saver when you’re away from home.

Noise-Canceling Headphones: Whether it’s a family celebration, a trip to the mall, or a plane ride, baby noise-cancelling headphones can make your baby’s experience significantly more comfortable.  Brands like Friday 7Care and Mumba come in at the top.  For a more comprehensive list of noise-canceling headphones, check out our other article on Top Noise-Canceling Headphones.

Baby Lounger: A baby lounger provides a safe and comfy spot for your baby to rest during the journey. DockATot loungers are popular for their comfort and lightweight design.

Baby Travel Swing: A portable swing can soothe your baby with its motion, especially helpful during long stays away from home. Graco offers portable swings that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Baby Sound Machine: If you’re looking for something bigger than the travel-size white noise machines, this device plays soothing sounds, lullabies, and illuminates. We love the Hatch Rest+ with its ability to be controlled remotely using a smartphone.

Baby Portable Fan: Keeping your baby happy and comfortable is crucial, especially during those long, hot summer days. Nothing like a portable fan to keep them cool outdoors when on the go. A popular brand for many parents is AMACOOL, a personal fan with tripods especially made for babies and anyone. These portable fans meet baby and parents’ need in summer, indoors and outdoors. The 3 flexible legs (tripod) are sturdy and built to hold the handle of strollers, wheelchairs, cribs, or anywhere you would place your baby, keep them cool and entertained.

Feeding Aids: The Michelin Stars of Baby Cuisine

Bottle Warmer: Warming baby’s milk or food on the go becomes a lot easier with a portable bottle warmer. Tommee Tippee and Philips AVENT offer a travel bottle and food warmer that’s compact and easy to carry.

Portable Bottle Sterilizer: Ensuring your baby’s feeding bottles are germ-free is critical. A portable bottle sterilizer like the one from Philips AVENT can make this task easy even while traveling.

Baby Snack Containers: These containers can help make snack times less messy. Brands like Skip Hop and Munchkin offer snack containers with easy-grip handles and spill-proof lids.

Baby Formula Mixer: We love this item in particular because it automatically prepares a warm formula bottle using an LCD control panel and mixes the formula and water to a perfect consistency. Brands such as Baby Brezza have products like the Formula Pro Mini that dispenses 2-10 ounces of body-temperature formula. Being 30% smaller than the Formula Pro Advanced, it’s perfect for smaller spaces and travel.

Hygiene Aid: The HQ of Baby Hygiene

Travel Bath Tub: Bathing your baby during travel can be challenging. A travel bathtub like the one from The First Years or an inflatable bath tube from Mommy’s Helper can make this task much easier and safer.

Luxury Essential – Final Thoughts…

Remember, while these items are classified as ‘luxury’ because they’re not strictly essential, for many parents they can make a huge difference in the quality of their travel experience. Depending on your budget, space, and the nature of your travel, you might find some of these items very helpful.

List of Luxury Items

Item Description Popular Brand
White Noise Machine Helps baby sleep better during travel Marpac, Hatch
Noise-Canceling Headphones Helps reduce the surrounding noises while traveling

Friday 7Care, Mumba

Also, see our article on Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bottle Warmer For warming formula or baby food on the go Tommee Tippee, Philips Avent
Baby Formula Mixer For fast, easy, and precise formula mixing Baby Brezza
Portable Bottle Sterilizer For sterilizing bottles on the go Philips AVENT
Baby Lounger Provides a safe and comfy spot for your baby to rest DockATot
Baby Travel Swing Helps soothe your baby with its motion Graco
Baby Sound Machine Plays soothing sounds to help your baby sleep Hatch Baby
Portable Fan To keep your baby cool and comfortable in the heat AMACOOL
Baby Snack Containers For mess-free snack times Skip Hop, Munchkin
Travel Bath Tub For bathing the baby comfortably during travel The First Years, Mommy’s Helper


This comprehensive list covers most of the essential items needed for baby travel, but remember, every baby is unique, and you might need to customize the list based on your baby’s preferences and needs.

Practical Packing Advice: Mastering the Tetris of Travel

Have you ever felt like you’re playing a game of Tetris when packing? You know the feeling, the pieces — or in this case, items — just don’t seem to fit quite right. You’re not alone, and that’s where I come in to share some practical packing advice that I’ve learned through countless trips with my little one.

Packing Efficiency: The Art of the Roll

First off, the main character in this story is your little one’s clothes. Now, you might ask yourself, “Why does it matter how I pack clothes?” Well, just like in Tetris, it’s all about space efficiency. If you’re folding clothes, I’d advise you to give rolling a try. Picture this: a suitcase filled with little clothing burritos neatly lined up. Not only does rolling save space, it also helps prevent wrinkles — a win-win!

The Power of Packing Cubes: Your Travel Drawer System

Have you ever thought of your suitcase as a portable dresser? With packing cubes, that’s exactly what it becomes. Think of packing cubes as little drawers, grouping similar items together. One cube for tops, another for bottoms, and another for bedtime necessities — you get the idea. This not only keeps things neat and organized but also allows you to find what you need quickly. No more rummaging through a sea of clothes only to find the swim diaper at the very bottom!

Essentials: The Superheroes of Your Travel Pack

Ever found yourself in a bit of a pickle mid-flight because the baby wipes were buried somewhere in the checked luggage? Yeah, me too. That’s why I always emphasize the importance of keeping essentials within easy reach. When packing, ask yourself, “What would I need in an emergency?” or “What items will I frequently use?” These items are your superheroes, ready to swoop in and save the day when needed. They deserve VIP access in your travel bag.

The Multi-Taskers: The Chameleons of Your Packing List

How about items that can serve more than one purpose? Just like a chameleon changes its color based on its surroundings, some items can adapt based on your needs. Take a large muslin swaddle, for example. It’s a superhero of versatility — a blanket, a nursing cover, a sunshade, even a makeshift changing mat. Consider what items might be your chameleons, your masters of adaptation.

Art of Unpacking: The Rebirth of Order

Wait, unpacking? Yes, even while you’re still on the move, strategic unpacking can be a lifesaver. Each time you reach a destination, try to establish a little order. Designate a spot for dirty clothes and another for clean ones. Have a specific place for feeding items and another for toys. It might seem trivial, but these little moments of order can be islands of calm in the sea of chaos that travel can sometimes be.

Packing – Final Thoughts…

By combining these strategies — the art of the roll, the power of packing cubes, placing essentials within reach, recognizing your multi-taskers, and the art of unpacking — you can win at the Tetris of travel. It’s all about embracing the journey, both literally and metaphorically. Because isn’t that what parenting is all about? We navigate the chaos, find joy in small victories, and cherish the adventure. So next time you’re staring at an empty suitcase, remember — you’ve got this. Happy packing!


So, fellow parent-adventurer, we have reached the end of our guide. We’ve covered the basics, the gear, the safety items, the luxury items, and we’ve even discussed some packing hacks. And remember, while this guide is thorough, every baby is unique, and your baby may have specific needs not mentioned here. But armed with this guide, I believe you’re ready to conquer any journey with your baby. You got this!


1. How many diapers should I pack for my baby during travel? 

A general rule is to carry one diaper for every hour of travel time, plus a few extras. So, for a 2-hour flight, you might bring 4-5 diapers. However, always consider factors like your baby’s age, eating habits, and the availability of diapers at your destination.

2. What are some baby-friendly airlines in the US? 

Many airlines cater well to parents traveling with babies. Southwest Airlines offers family pre-boarding, and JetBlue has a program offering a diaper bag carry-on in addition to your regular carry-on for free.

3. Can I bring baby formula or breast milk on a plane? 

Yes, in the US, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows you to bring more than the standard 3.4 ounces of baby formula or breast milk in your carry-on. Make sure to inform the TSA officer at the beginning of the screening process, and they may need to screen these items separately.

4. How to soothe a crying baby during a flight? 

The change in air pressure during takeoff and landing can cause discomfort to babies. Try nursing or feeding your baby, or give them a pacifier to help with their ears’ pressure. Remember to keep them comfortable with familiar items like a favorite blanket or toy.

5. What is the safest baby car seat for travel? 

Safety is paramount when it comes to baby car seats. Brands like Chicco, Britax, and Graco offer highly-rated car seats. The Chicco KeyFit 30 is particularly popular due to its ease of installation and high safety ratings. Always look for a seat that fits your baby’s current size and weight, and ensure it’s properly installed.  Also, consider a car seat travel bag for easier handling.

6. What are the must-have baby items for traveling? 

Diapers, wipes, feeding supplies, clothes, a portable crib, and a car seat are some of the must-haves.

7. How can I make sure my baby sleeps well while we’re traveling? 

It’s a bit like setting the stage for a play. Creating a familiar sleep environment can help – bring along your baby’s favorite blanket, use a white noise machine, or stick to your usual bedtime routine as much as possible. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your pediatrician for other recommendations and travel clearance for your baby. 

8. What should I do if my baby gets sick while we’re away? 

It’s always good to be prepared. Bring a basic first aid kit, know the location of the nearest hospital or clinic, and don’t hesitate to seek medical help if you need it.

9. How can I make the journey easier for myself as well as my baby? 

Remember the saying, “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others”? The same applies here. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself too – bring snacks, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to pack a change of clothes for yourself.

10. How do I manage all the baby gear while traveling? 

It’s like a game of chess – it’s all about strategy. Plan ahead, pack efficiently, and consider items that have multiple uses to save space.  Lastly, try to find items that have travel bags/cases to make them easier to transport (e.g. a car seat travel bag).

11. How can I ensure my baby’s safety while traveling? 

Always carry a first aid kit and hygiene items. Also, consider baby monitors and safety locks.

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